After graduating from the Royal College of Art, I have successfully worked as a motion graphics desiger, digital artist and photographer for the last thirty years, with architectural photography becoming a speciality.

Photographic skills

As an architectural photographer my aim is to celebrate and promote the vision and achievements of architects, builders and interior designers. Understanding a client's objectives is fundamental to my professional approach. An appreciation of design, composition and lighting together with post-production and digital retouching skills are all factors that contribute to the quality of my work.

Shooting style

I like to produce natural looking imagery that replicates the human perception of the architectural environment we inhabit. Walking around a beautiful building or though an inspiring interior evokes both an emotional and intellectual response. It's my task to replicate that experience with my photography.

For exterior architectural photography I try to find the best quality and angle of light for a specific location. For interior work I often combine natural lighting with subtle diffused light from portable flash. I also like incorporating figures into a scene to give a sense of human interaction and scale.


For architectural work I use a Cambo Actus system combined with high resolution Canon cameras and a set of top prime lenses. This set up provides me with a very compact tilt and shift system that can be wirelessly connected to an iPad to provide precise live view adjustments. Having this facility is also helpful to clients who are attending location shoots.  For lighting, I mostly use Elinchrom portable flash units and a variety of modifiers. 


Email: morgansendall@gmail.com

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